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Barcelona, Spain

What a week. For the past 5 days, the ship has been making its way from Germany to Barcelona, Spain. The ship is amazing. It has 9 decks full of classrooms, restaurants, a library, pool, two gyms, and all of our cabins. I live in an inside double cabin with my roommate—shoutout to Ray, love ya. For the first few days, we had orientation and got acquainted with our fellow classmates, professors, and crew. Our days at sea at spilt up into “A” days and “B” days which are basically the days we rotate between classes, kind of like MWF and T/Th classes. 

I am studying Biology at my home university so it only made sense to take the science classes offered on the ship. I am taking Ecology, Oceanography, and Biodiversity—all of which are very interesting. When we arrive in Hawaii and Mauritius, I get to go snorkeling and hiking on volcanos.

As for Barcelona, we arrive today at 13:30 (I’m learning) and we slowing made our way onto land. Its funny to see people who still try to keep themselves balanced on solid ground. I guess thats what happens when you're living on a rocking boat. I got down the gangway as soon as I could, filled my prescription for malaria medication so i don't die, and immediately got tapas and gelato. I had to. 

I have a field program at 4 o’clock where I am going to meet students from a local university and get are going to explore and get dinner together and make chocolate. Some friends and I also booked a huge airbnb in the city and were going to see Don Diablo tonight—ugh i am SO excited. We are only here for the night, unfortunately. Tomorrow we all get back on the ship and head for Valencia, Spain!