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Valencia, Spain and the Canary Islands

It is always interesting to me to see how different cities are in the same area. While Barcelona was a larger, tourist city, Valencia was a very relaxed, beach town. It almost reminded me of Wilmington. In Valencia, my friends and I explored the hot springs, warefalls, and the mountains. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Along with the landscapes, I had the BEST food ever. There is a native dish called paella, which is basically a huge dish of rice and either seafood, veggies, or meat. So good. From Valencia, we are traveling to Ghana. I am very excited to be in Africa once again. 

We woke up this morning, however, in the Canary Islands. So beautiful, but I guess it is just a fuel stop. The voyage to Ghana is over a week...we are all getting bored of the same routine but I guess we will have to push through it.