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Accra/Takoradi, Ghana

Have you ever stepped foot into a place and immediately felt uncomfortable? That's what it's like arriving in Ghana. Not in a "oh I need to get out of here" type of way, but it was truly something I have never experienced before. The port's main function was industrial, not tourism. Cargo containers and workers everywhere. We had to take a shuttle just to get out of the port gate because walking was simply prohibited. But the people. The people were the most amazing individuals I have ever talked to, especially the children. We would step off the buses to engaged with people and their faces would light up like the sun. The color of their skin may be different, but we are just alike. They would pull us into their shops to show us their paintings and homemade drums and jewelry. I obviously bought everything.  In Accra, I travelled independently with friends to the market and devoured some authentic food, mostly jullof (mixed rices) and chicken. There is something on semester at sea called overland and if there are two ports in one country we can travel to the next one off the ship--normally by train or taxi. My friends and I did this in Spain between Barcelona and Valencia, but Ghana was a different story. I truly do not recommend this unless you are in a large group, preferably with guys. My group of friends learned this the hard way, but I won't go into detail for the sake of my family that is reading this -- love you. In the end, we made it to Takoradi safely and I was able to have the most humbling experience of my life. Lexi, Laura, Eva, Kelsey, and I hired a driver to take us to the Cape Coast slave castles. It is hard to completely be able to understand the impact that the slave trade had, but being able to visit allowed us to appreciate such history. On the last day in Ghana, I travelled to Kakum National Park and got to spend the day hiking in the jungle. So many animals! There were elephants, monkeys, birds, and puppies :) Pictires don't do these places justice, but I'll try my best. Enjoy! I'll be in Cape Town soon , IM CRYING!!!