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Cochin, India

India is a roller coaster ride for your senses. Our time in India began waking up at 6 am to watch the sunrise as we pulled into port--I highly recommend doing this for all the ports, it's beautiful. The second we got off the ship, we were surrounded by the locals. These were some of the most welcoming and funny people I have ever met. My friends and I packed into four or five tuk-tuks and explored the city for hours before arriving at our hotel, The Brunton Boatyard. We went to some smaller temples, a snake charmers house, and got henna. The first night in India was a hot mess, but we had fun. About 50 SASers went to the hotel's bar and celebrated our friends birthday, stayed up all night, and started our time off in India just right. 

Over the next few days, I joined a group of 30 people on the Taj Mahal Express field program. We visited 3 temples, Humayun tomb, and wait for it... The Taj Mahal. It is more beautiful than the photos. It is known as the worlds largest symbol of love (Jackson you know what to do). I had the time of my life dressing in my saree, traveling around the city. 

On the last day of our program, we visited Agra Fort and went to a musical. We rickshawed back to the hotel and ended with dinner, wine, and a much needed bubble bath--India is hot. Very hot. You will sweat the whole time in places you didn't know you could sweat. I was actually kind of miserable at some points ahah. But it was all worth it. This is a place that I have always learned about in school, but I never imagined I would be standing right in front of it.

From here, we travel for 5 days to Myanmar. I am so excited to see what this country has to offer!