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Our time in Myanmar ended a lot differently than expected. On November 7th, we lost a member of our shipboard community. Kassie had an accident while traveling in Bagan and never made it to the hospital. They will tell you stories in pre-port about people who have gotten injured or died on past voyages, but you never think that it could happen to you. They tell us to be safe, but we aren't invincible. We learned this the hard way. 

Kassie lived her life passionately and brightened everyones mood when she walked through the doors. Most of our community never had the chance to know her, but we know her stories.  Her laugh was contagious, you could hear it from decks away. 

When a loss like this hits so close to home, you can't help but be affected. It makes you realize just how precious and short life is. The day of her memorial, students lined the halls on the phone with their loved ones. It is important to tell the people you care about that you love them. We are carrying on our voyage in memory of her.