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Yangon, Myanmar

I feel like I say this every port, but Myanmar is my favorite place so far! I felt the same way about South Africa, but the experiences were so different. Cape Town reminded me of Miami, but the adventures in Myanmar couldn't happen anywhere else. We arrived in Thilawa, a small city about an hour outside the city center. We all packed into the shuttle, music on Tony's laptop blasting, and made our way to Yangon. I began my adventures with three bowls on pho straight to the face. Honestly, the food is life changing. We walked around the markets for a few hours before heading to the Melia Hotel where we stayed for the first two nights. This place was right out of a magazine, marble floors and huge candaliers. We began with an innocent trip to Yangon Yangon Rooftop Bar. It ended, however, in night full of chaos. Long story short, make sure when you go out that your phone is charged or your friends will call the ship thinking you're lost or arrested (Yangon or Yan-goneee lol). When in fact, I was at Pioneer with Kelsey having the time of my life. This club looked like a shack from the outside, but is an underground wonder from the inside. I didn't know Burmese people loved EDM as much as I did. I made some great friends and danced until the sun came up. We did eventually make it back to the hotel where the rest of our friends had room service waiting. Because that's what friends are for, right?? We spent the next few days exploring temples, trying local cuisine, and once again...sweating. We went to the zoo, too! It was sad to see all the skinny animals, but when I'm rich I know where my money could go. Some of our friends went to Bagan where they were able to climb pagodas and go ballooning at sunrise. The photos are amazing. I would definitely visit again. This port changed my life and my perspective on a lot of things. It was very much needed. It is so heartbreaking to think, however, that one of our fellow members won't be there to experience the rest of the voyage. Never take life for granted, make every moment count.