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Tokyo, Japan

They saved the best port for last. Japan was like a scene from the most epic movie of your life. We were docked in Kobe, but I spent my whole time in Tokyo. Lexi, Laura, Eva, and I started Day 1 off in the hot springs. The best part about this is, people with any tattoos are absolutely prohibited. I finessed my way in though. It was so relaxing. There was even a clay pond. My skin was rejuvenated baby. We made our way back to the ship with just enough time to pack and get on the bullet train to Tokyo. From Shin-Kobe to Tokyo station was only about 2 hours while the normal train takes about 8 hours. The first day in Tokyo was very casual. We explored Shibuya for a while and found the gnarliest thrift shop. Our nights consisted of various 4-level clubs and are days were spent shopping and eating sushi. SO. MUCH. SUSHI. I absolutely loved it. Especially the conveyor belt sushi. Tokyo had to hands down be my favorite place. I found this cute little store in Harajuku that sold wigs and I bought two purple bobs. I looked great. My whole friend group bought onesies, too. We had to stop by Anime Street too, obviously. This city was meant for me. If you tell me I can wear a wig and a Winnie the Pooh onesie to a bar, count me in. I was having the time of my life. The last night in Tokyo was the most interesting. We went to this place called Robot Restaurant, it was wild. It was basically a light show with remote controlled robots. We sang some karaoke too. All in Japanese. We all made it back to the Airbnb, some struggling, before having to be in Osaka the next day. We've been waiting for this night for a month. Flume was preforming at Nepp Zamba and I couldn't miss out on such a wonderful dj. His show was amazing, but ended so early. This was our last night ever in port...I spent the night basically sobbing while dancing at Ghost because I was going to miss my friends so much. This trip introduced me to some of the greatest people I have ever met. I hope these people stay my friends for life. They changed my life--this experience changed my life. And to now think it's all over. I honestly wouldn't want to have done it any other way. The memories will stay with my forever. Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me the world.